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Jessica - Director, Speech & Language Therapist

Jessica Allen graduated from City University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy, with her first degree being a BSc (hons) in Biology from Imperial College London.

Jessica has worked as a Speech & Language Therapist in the NHS in a range of settings including; mainstream and special schools, nurseries, community clinics and childrens' centres.

Jessica has also gained extensive experience in training teaching staff and other professionals as well as working with parents and carers. Immediate intervention along with collaborative working is focused upon in sessions in order to achieve maximum success for the client.

Jessica is committed to providing evidence based practice from the latest research and has been awarded a distinction in a Masters level research project, focusing on the role of Parent-Child Interaction in Speech & Language Therapy. This research is published in The International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders.

Gemma - Speech & language Therapist

Gemma Attfield graduated from Birmingham City University in June 2015 and joined the ASL team in September 2015.

Gemma is working with our students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties.

Gemma has also undertaken postgraduate training in Stammering Therapy.

Natasha - Speech & Language Therapist

Natasha Frost is a London based Independent Therapist who graduated from University of Sydney in 1996.

Natasha has joined the ASL team to work in a school in London specialising in students with Autistric Specrum Disorders and Emotional, Social and Behavioural Difficulties.

Natasha has extensive experience with this client group and is also a certified Drama Therapist.

Mahala - Speech & Language Therapist

Mahala graduated from Birmingham University and has a range of experience with both adults and children.

Mahala is working with students with Emotional, Social and Behavioural Difficulties and /or Autistic Spectrum Condition in Essex Schools.

Michael - Speech & Language Therapist

Michael O'Connell graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2013 and is currently studying PGDip Psychological Science.

Michael is a London based therapy working in our Outreach Team.

Sally - Speech & Language Therapist

Sally Dickens has 30 years experience and extensive specialist training.

Sally will be supporting our students with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Difficulties in our Outreach Team in Essex

Sophie - Business and Marketing Manager

Sophie is a qualified teacher in Early Years and Primary Education and has had many years experience as a Nursery Teacher.

Sophie is using her skills to support ASL's growth and development .

Research and Publications

A research article on Parent Child Interaction by Jessica Allen and Chloe Marshall has been published in the International Journal for Language and Communication Disorders in July-August 2011, Volume 46, pages 375-496.

A feature article in the Bulletin magazine September 2011 has also been published to accompany this research.

A book review of the use of Conversational Analysis in Parent Child Interaction by Jessica Allen has been published in The International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders in March-April 2012, Volume 47:2.


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