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Terms & Conditions

1. Payment - Accepted payment is cash or cheque prior to therapy or assessment session. If payment is missed it must be paid at the next therapy session. If two consecutive payments are missed, therapy will be terminated immediately.

2. Travel - Travel for domiciliary, school, and other visits is charged at 45p per mile from the therapist's base (Tiptree) to the postcode of the therapy base, according to the AA route planner. A supplement may be charged for distances over 30 miles.

3. Cancellation - If the client cancels an appointment with 24 hours notice, no fee will be charged. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, full fee will be charged. If the therapist is unable to attend an appointment, the maximum possible notice will be given and the appointment will be rescheduled.

4. NHS Therapy - All clients are eligible for speech and language therapy within their local NHS trust. Clients that are currently receiving therapy from an NHS therapist or are on the waiting list must inform the independent therapist. The NHS therapist should also be informed of any independent therapist involvement to ensure effective treatment.

5. Distribution of Reports - Reports or advice from the independent therapist will only be distributed to other relevant professionals (e.g. school or GP) with the consent and signature of the client's guardian.

6. Termination of Therapy - It is within the therapist's rights to terminate therapy or intervention with 24 hours notice. It is within the rights of the client to terminate therapy or intervention with 24 hours notice.

7. Medico-legal / Tribunal Work - At this time no clients will be taken on to support medico-legal or tribunal processes.

8. Fees - Fees are subject to annual review.


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